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Posted on 11th February 2016

It’s no secret that life is meant for great moments and even better friendships. In 2015 we invited our award-winning friends from Another Brother productions to capture us having a damn good time in the sun and snow. These guys have filmed a few of our best trailers as well as videos for Google, Red Bull, Absolut Vodka and many more.. Thanks to our Swedish brothers from another mother, adventure travel has never looked so good.



We were lucky enough to catch up with the guys to chat a bit about their awesome selves and the shiz that went down whilst filming:

At first glance TSW and TYW are polar opposite events; one is all about summer sailing and the other happens thousands of feet above sea level. Yet something brings them together, what would you say these common ingredients are that make it 'The Week of Your Life’?

AB: We believe that TYW and TSW both build on the same emotion. It’s not really about the event itself but rather the mix of new friendships, epic experiences and the break from reality and normal life. The feeling and experience you get with TYW and TSW is so far from the everyday grind that you can’t really compare it to anything else.


We were really struck by the stunning shots and editing techniques in the trailer. What inspired your filming style?

AB: At Another Brother, we believe that if you don’t get goosebumps, it’s not good enough. So with the new tools you get nowadays we always try to push the limits of "normal" filmmaking and create that extra bit of emotion.

How would you describe the filming conditions on TYW & TSW? Did you find it easy to balance work and play?

AB: The hospitality of TYW and TSW can’t be matched with anything else, from the moment you arrive you’re a part of the family. This makes the working conditions, at least in our field of work, extremely easy. To be honest, we don’t really think that there’s a dramatic difference between work and play with you guys ;)


Where do you think TSW and TYW are going to next? 

AB: For TSW, we think that Whistler would be an epic destination because of its mountains and nightlife. For TYW, the Maldives would be a perfect destination for both sailing and surfing.

Now that we've dappled in skiing and sailing. What do you think the next 'Week' concept could be?

AB: We think The Surf Week would be an awesome compliment to the sea and snow. We all need some sand between our toes in the morning and a couple of sunset drinks in the evening.


Thanks Another Brother! You guys are the heat.

Suffering TYWW (The Yacht Week Withdrawals)? We're going to the British Virgin Islands this spring. Or join us this summer in Croatia, Greece, Italy, or Turkey.

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