7 Things We Learned This Summer

The Yacht Week

By The Yacht Week

Posted on 5th October 2017

This summer was certainly one of enlightenment. Evidently, we abided by the motto ‘no regrets, just lessons learned.’ Here’s our top seven sea-discoveries.

1. How many times can we play Despacito? The limit does not exist

Whether it was the Luis Fonsi version or the remix featuring the lovely J Biebs, Despacito took this summer by storm. It was hard to walk past a boat without moving and grooving to this reggaeton tune??. Major props were always given to those who knew all the lyrics but as the great Bieber declared himself, if you don't know the words, then just say Dorito.    2. New routes = new roots Introducing both the Montenegro and Mallorca routes this summer was an epic feat. We were mightily impressed at how, in no time at all, you managed to make each destination feel like home by spreading those TYW vibes. Cheers to you guys ?. We wouldn't want to explore this ? with anyone else.   3. You guys know how to trop it like it's hot Throw some bright colours ?, retro threads?, and summertime vibes ☀️into a blender and you have yourself a pretty epic TYW party cocktail. We were amazed by your abilities to transform yourselves into the bad mamma jammas that you truly are. Stay groovy my friends ✌️   4. Summer 2017 made regattas great again What with all the crazy costumes, dance-offs, and energetic spirits, you guys seriously sailed the ship out of this season ⛵️. Some of our favourites included Top Gun, Where's Waldo and, of course, all of our dazzling unicorns. You set the bar high for next season and we hope 2018 brings it as much as you guys did ??.   5. You can never have too much of a good thing This summer we experimented with adding more weeks of fun in the sun. Some say "every week should be a yacht week" and we couldn't agree more. Onwards and upwards from here Yacht Weekers. To infinity and beyond ?. 6.  Love is in the air With over 10 marriage proposals on route this summer, we are starting to think there must be something in the water ?. Celebrating new love and old, multiple toasts were raised to those  happy duos who first met on TYW and aborted ship to tie the knot ?. We can't claim to be matchmakers per se but we can guarantee that we're way more fun than online dating ?.   7. Some things are worth waiting for... We’ve saved the best till last and that’s because this year has been just that, the best yet. More people attended TYW this summer than ever before. With a record breaking 13,317  of you beautiful souls onboard! Here’s to new routes, more yachts and bigger parties for years to come ??✨.  Remember, a lesson learned is a lesson earned. We wonder what wisdom we'll gain next summer? Why not come with us and find out? Bookings open the 1st of November.

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