10 Ways to do Greece Like a Yacht Weeker

After Croatia, Greece is pretty much our 2nd home. Staged amongst the stunning Saronic islands, Greece looks and feels like a world apart – one with crystal clear waters, bougainvillea covered buildings... topped off with a generous slice of Greek island glamour. Here are 10 things you shouldn't miss whilst sailing the serendipitous Saronics: 13925983_10154434765584516_2733835602514445536_o  

1. Poros sunset

Watch sunset whilst sipping chilled rosé from the clock tower. Definitely worth going off the beaten track to experience this, and OMG – their banana colada cocktails ?

2. Greek delights

Indulge at the family run traditional Greek tavernas and bakeries on the walk down from the clock tower, where the spinach and feta spanakopita is an absolute must for a pre, during or post party snack.

3. Volleyball at Love Bay

It's all fun and games at Love Bay, until someone moves the net into the sea – then it's on. Frolicking in the salty water with friends on your side and rays of sunshine above, what's not to Love? ;) 13652899_10154429079014516_7345559205476717450_o

4. Nikki Beach pool party

Let's be honest, we don't just go there for the Greek salads. Porto Heli is where the real magic happens. Sip on pitchers of mojitos, laze around on a day bed, enjoy a sushi platter and dance to tunes played by our TYW DJ duo! Pro tip: The best looking in the pool is always the one with the shades. ? 14125583_10154513152819516_8328814091673492048_o

5. Riviera party at Cavo Bianco

Ermioni is home to our famous Riviera party at Cavo Bianco! Greece wouldn't be The Yacht Week without it. For a sneaky after-party snack get your hands on some gyros from Souvlaki bar.

6. Sunset in Dokos

As if hikes aren't amazing enough, when you throw a sunset into the mix there's simply nothing better. The highest peak in Dokos is a leisurely 20 minute walk up, but just long enough to make that gin and tonic taste even sweeter. ? 13653279_10154429077284516_3145165432881183264_o  

7. Hydra's streets

Hydra was the spiritual and physical home to the late musician and poet, Leonard Cohen. His artistic presence remains alive as ever here. If the cobblestone, vehicle-free streets are good enough for Leonard, they are good enough for us.

8. Spilia Beach Bar

Lunch is served! Accompanied by lounge music and fresh cocktails. A post-lunch swim off the rocks is undoubtedly one of the best experiences you'll have all week. We all know the agony aunt will say you can't swim on a full stomach – well luckily she's not here. 13913749_10154434773314516_2235167346622952175_o  

9. Spetses hidden beaches

Known as the idyllic spice island, Spetses is as stunning as its surrounding beaches. The perfect place for walks along the narrow cobbled streets admiring the elegant mansions dotted along the waterfront. Spetses is famous for its beautiful hidden beaches – it's definitely worth dropping anchor here. 13913881_10154434772454516_1930835604322146232_o  

10. Four wheeler rides

We're strong believers in taking the scenic route, and what's more authentic than the wind in your hair and winding roads at your feet? The views are utterly breathtaking but try to keep your eyes on the road. 14138690_10154513139309516_3717032350741183449_o

We have 10 summer weeks to choose from in Greece. Find out more about the Greece Athens Route here. Avtío ✌