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By The Yacht Week

Posted on 27th July 2018

Who'd have thought it? The Yacht Week isn't all cocktails and pizza slices and hazy lazy sunset sails. When life gives you lemons... grab your matt, find somewhere flat and don your lulu-🍋's. Like the tide, the pace of life on all of our routes ebbs and flows. Luckily, we have our hands om crew of extremely talented yoga teaches in each of our destinations to help you find that healthy balance between, salt, rest and play  🌊 When the cabin fever kicks in, go outside and alter your frame of mind. Balance, stretch and touch your toes, and get onboard with our feel-good flows.  

CROATIA | 📍 Palmizana

📸 Ása steinarsdóttir

🙏 Ivana Dragaš

Ivana is originally from Zadar, Croatia, but spent most of her mid-twenties learning and advancing in Bhakti yoga and Hatha yoga in India. Yoga and sailing have many things in common. Each day on the water is different, and you have to adapt and adjust to varying winds and seas. The same way, every yoga session focuses on changing your pose depending on your mind, body, and soul that day. Be present in your practice and you'll reap the rewards.


GREECE |📍 Nikki Beach

📸 Luke Renard

There's more to The Yacht Week than having your toes in the sand and a cocktail in hand. Think sun salutations and relaxing sailing vacations.  

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