Getting There and Checking In

Before you arrive:

Fill out crew list

We want your holiday to get off to the perfect start, so please ensure your crew list is completed 3 weeks prior to arrival. Simply log-in to your booking and add your crew following the steps given. Cabin bookers please only add the name of the friend you'll be sharing a cabin with. If you don't do this, you might not get your yacht in time.

Check-in online

Once you have completed your crew list, you can save a lot of time on site if you all check-in online. Each member of the crew must do this before arrival, which will make getting your yacht on time that much easier. Online check-in will open 4 months prior to departure.

Getting to the British Virgin Islands. 

For more information on how to get to the British Virgin Islands please read our Getting There page.

Upon arrival:

Time to arrive/depart

We recommend you arrive at Scrub Island Marina at 4pm to meet the TYW crew and your skipper. The exact check-in location will be confirmed at a later date. You should have access to your yacht by around 6pm.

You will get back to the marina on the morning of your check-out date (the exact time varies depending on weather conditions), you will be free to leave the yachts by 9am on the final morning. If you have onwards travel arrangements early on saturday it is possible to dock in the marina on the final night of the trip.

Onsite registration for yacht bookers and skipper

The Yacht Week staff will be ready and waiting for you at your marina where you will register and collect your TYW wristband.

Booker: Bring cash/credit card to pay the security deposit* and your passport.

Skipper: Bring your nautical certificates and passport.

* The security deposit is the maximum cost you can be charged if you damage your yacht or lose equipment. The amount can be found in your booking profileAll deposits must be paid in US dollars.

Onsite registration for cabin bookers

The skipper will go to the yachting company who is in charge of your yacht. Each cabin guest should give the skipper their deposit in cash. The amount can be found in your welcome email.

Luggage at check-in

Find a safe place to leave your luggage for the day. The Yacht Week staff do not take responsibility for any lost luggage or items.

Please keep away from the yachts You will not be able to board your yacht until it has been declared ready by the charter company. Use the time to grab a beer or do your grocery shopping.

Grocery shopping We recommend shopping close to the marina. Most islands will have supermarkets to stock up throughout the week as well. The team onsite will be able to direct you to the nearest supermarket. 

If shopping for a whole week/crew feels overwhelming, use this shopping list as guidance, it will make sure you won't miss out on any essentials.