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Posted on 20th June 2020

TYW 24 - Santino Martinez -163 "The ultimate trip." " Insanely epic." "Sail to hidden splendours." "Dance under the stars till dawn." The Yacht Week is the best week of your life - but don't just take our word for it. Your favourite websites and magazines rave about us! Take a look at these reviews of The Yacht Week to get the inside scoop on this summer's most unforgettable experience.


The Yacht Week reviews - Refinery29

"This seven-day summertime party in the Mediterranean is the ultimate trip for those under 30. Book a yacht with 6 to 12 of your friends, grab your cutest swimsuit, and get ready to toast to the good life."

- Julie Pennel, Refinery29.

The Yacht Week reviews - Holr Magazine

"How does one even begin to describe The Yacht Week? Trust me, it is not an easy task. I’ve been at a loss for words trying to sum up my experience and honestly, the word that keeps popping into my head is “insane”. That’s TYW for you: it’s insane. Insane all over the board. It’s an insanely great time, an insanely crazy experience, insanely epic, and it is absolute floating insanity."

-  Kaitlin Narciso, Holr Magazine.

TYW 32 Montenegro Santino Martinez-172 (2)

The Yacht Week reviews - Elite Daily

"Yacht Week is a well-rounded adventure that gives you the opportunity to explore a new country, meet new people, unwind in the sea, and party all night long. You'll have endless opportunities to make the most of your time spent on and off the boat."

- Ciara Johnson, Elite Daily.

The Yacht Week reviews - Marie Claire

"Like Split, The Yacht Week offers up a layer of experiences that you can choose to ramp up or dial down: dine waterside and dance under the stars till dawn, or head out on your own adventure, exploring coves while stand-up paddleboarding and learning where the locals hang. Either way, you’ll be coming back to a luxury yacht each night and an iPhone full of new friends."

- Nicola Moyne, Marie Claire.


The Yacht Week reviews - Matador Network

“For the unfamiliar, The Yacht Week is a weeklong flotilla of motor-assisted sailboats meandering through the Adriatic with young people living like it’s spring break. But the booze is better, the scenery more spectacular, and the people hail from all over the world — not just all over the SEC.”

- Rachel Brannon and Matthew Meltzer, Matador Network.

The Yacht Week reviews - World Travel Magazine

"As you wake up to the gentle rocking of the ocean beneath and gear up for a morning dip in the beautiful sea, drying off on deck to the smell of a delicious breakfast or lazing with the sea breeze on your face, experience seven days of sailing to hidden splendours most landlubbers cannot get to. The plus is you to get to participate in exclusive events and bond with a bunch of fun-loving fellow sailors."

- Christine Lee, World Travel Magazine.

TYW_ Croatia_w27_Asa_Steinars_370

The Yacht Week reviews - Frobes

"If you're looking for a more intimate experience, look no further than Yacht Week. The setting of the sailboat allows you to explore smaller and more less crowded local spots.”

- Lea Lane, Forbes.

The Yacht Week reviews - Destination Luxury

"Highlights of the week include seeing ancient Athens, and of course, the Acropolis, dropping anchor in secluded coves, wake-boarding or paragliding, and late-night Greek fiestas with some of the best seafood from traditional tavernas."

- Katie McRoberts, Destination Luxury.

The Yacht Week reviews - Zocha Group

"Adventure is just around the corner for those planning to take an excursion across the seas with The Yacht Week."

- Maya Irons, Zocha Group.   Tropical packing list floatie The Yacht Week BVI CREDIT James_Patrick-226_picmonkeyed

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