Croatia vs Greece: which TYW route is the right pace for you?

The Yacht Week

By The Yacht Week

Posted on 21st July 2022

No two routes on The Yacht Week are created the same. From eye-popping locations to hip-shaking parties, each one has its own unique blend of experiences to make sure you have an unbelievable week to remember. But which TYW route is right for you? When it comes to Croatia vs Greece, it really is all about your prefered pace. Are you a never-miss-a-moment adventurer or a cocktail-and-chill enthusiast? Use our guide to discover which route is best suited to you. But first - want to know the best thing about TYW? All our yachts come with a trained skipper, so no matter what your perfect pace is, you'll be sailing stress-free.

Croatia Original Route - fast pace, 25-30 yachts

Our first floating festival, the Original Route has everything you could want - seaside yoga sessions, castle hikes, island Vespa rides, sunset dinners, swimming in secluded bays... oh, and the parties. From our St Tropez-inspired Riviera Chic Party to our Buzz Boat featuring DJs spinning tunes for every one of our famous Circle Raft Parties, and our brand new floating dance floor, to believe it you really just have to see it. This route is perfect for those who want to explore all day and dance all night.

Croatia Ultra Festival Route - fast pace, 50-60 yachts

If you're a fan of EDM, then you can't miss our Ultra Route. Imagine combining some of the best bits of our Original Route with tickets to the Ultra Europe Festival? Featuring some of the world's top DJs at one of the most outstandingly produced festivals you can ever imagine, you'll roll deep up to Ultra with a whole fleet of yachts packed with fellow music enthusiasts. Talk about arriving in style. This is the perfect option for anyone who wants to ride the wave of excitement between partying and exploring.

The Greece Route - mid pace, 15-20 yachts.

If you like to combine tasty amounts of adventure and partying with a healthy dose of wellness and chilling, then give our Greece Route a try. We've tailored the vibe of this floating festival for those who really enjoy the balance. Taking in ancient cities, charming islands and beautiful bays, you'll be treated to not one but two raft parties - plus seaside yoga, beach volleyball, and themed islands celebrations, complete with DJs and dress-ups. Can't imagine this much fun? Check out more of our epic photos. Did we mention all our yachts come with a trained skipper? So no matter what your perfect pace is, you'll be sailing stress-free.

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