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Posted on 7th November 2022

A few weeks ago, our team headed to the British Virgin Islands for a recce before our guests join us there in December for the first time in 3 years. One of the lucky members of our team to head over there was Lydia, our Head of Commercial, so we asked her a couple of questions about her time there to try to capture what it's really like.

What was your main goal from the recce?

Although it may not seem necessary to send someone from the commercial team on the recce, it’s definitely worthwhile (luckily for me!). My main goal from the recce was to meet with the different charter companies that we are renting the yachts from, so we could make sure that all of the yachts are as we thought they were and that the charter companies are ready for the arrival of our guests.

What was your favourite thing about the British Virgin Islands?

My favourite thing was definitely the swim stops, I’ve never seen water like it - it was always so calm and clear and not that cold so you could easily jump in and out all day. Plus as the water is so clear you get to see so many fish whilst swimming around, and some jellyfish but I tended to stay away from them.

What were your highlights?

My biggest highlight was swimming at Little Necker. If you don’t know, Little Necker is a tiny deserted island with the most insane views and the clearest water you’ve ever seen. Here we usually host deserted island parties for our guests and I can’t imagine a more amazing spot for an impromptu party. And the palm trees…real or fake? Guess you better come to find out…

One of my other highlights was visiting Tipsy’s bar which is one of the venues we will be heading to on our route. It’s such a cool place and really makes you feel the Caribbean vibes - plus there are loads of games to play and the loser has to drink a fireball cherry shot (you can decide whether that’s a punishment or not…)

Summarise your week for us…

A week of swimming, snorkelling and living life on island time.

If you want to join us in the British Virgin Islands for a week in paradise you can't get anywhere else, there's still time! Book now.

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