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Posted on 20th September 2020

The Ultra Europe festival is one of the most iconic festivals boasting the world’s top EDM DJ's with unparalleled stage designs and top tier production. If you’re fanatical about music and partying, we recommend booking this route pronto before it sells out. If you’re keen to get the best of both worlds by combining The Yacht Week and Croatia Ultra but not sure how to persuade your fellow crew members to seas the ultimate festi-break with both hands? Don’t fret; we’ve jotted down 5 key points that will make your pitching a piece of cake.

1. We have said it once, we’ll say it again; YOU GET THE BEST OF BOTH. Best suited to those who love the best parties out there. Not only do you get to experience one of the most iconic EDM musical festivals out there but you’ll also get to have a one-of-a-kind floating festi getaway with The Yacht Week.

2. Benefit from the full TYW programme - Tropic like it's hot at our Tropical Retro party at TYW’s exclusive venue, Fort George on Vis Island. Get your chic on at our French Riviera evening at Hvar’s Carpe Diem Beach Club. Get down to the Buzz Boat’s floating DJ stage at our tunnel and circle rafts.

3. We are the only flotilla company that offer exclusive VIP tickets Ultra festival to ALL our Ultra guests. This means private table service and even a private food service if y’all get hungry. Oh, we’ll also get you queue-pass and free transfers from your marina to the venue. What more could you ask for?

4. Being the largest and best flotilla company in operation, we have first dibs with all the charter companies meaning we can provide you with the BEST yachts in Croatia. We’re talking air conditioning, generator power, ensuites and large living spaces. The choice is yours!

5. Sure, you probably expect to make some new pals. But prepare yourself to make over 500 new besties from 62 different countries. This is the route for the people who want to increase their instagram following or be able to add more people to your WhatsApp contact list. Everyone who goes to the Ultra route are party lovers of all kind and they are ready to get their groove on. This also happens to be the biggest weeks on water during The Yacht Week entire season. Be ready to go BIG.

We have also listed our favourite highlights from the 2019 Ultra festival here.

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