How can I pay my Damage Wavier Fee?

Paying the Cabin Waiver Fee is a great way to take the stress out of check-in day and ensure that you're covered in case of any unforeseen damages that may occur during your rental period. The fee is used to pay for damages and losses that are not covered by the hull insurance and do not arise from normal wear and tear. This may include damages that arise from accidents, misuse, or other unforeseen events.

There is an option to pay a non-refundable amount of €100 online through your profile before the trip takes place which will cover you with no extra charges which are due to the responsibility of the full crew on board. This payment is paid for each cabin booking total and cannot be reduced if the cabin has a solo occupancy.

The other option is to pay a refundable amount of €1000, where if any damages are made on board this will be deducted proportionally. This option will become available close to the time of your trip taking place.

* Please note that the only thing not covered by the damage waiver fee is any blocked toilets. However, don't worry - your skipper will make sure you know how to use the toilets properly to avoid any issues.

Read more about how it works here.

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