Personalised Aftermovie

We’re pushing the boat out this year and mixing your week’s worth of memories into a minute of personalised after-movie magic.

What’s the concept?

Picture this; one GoPro, one creative crew and one epic week to capture a lifetime’s worth of memories.

If you think you and your crew embody everything The Yacht Week; you’re international, you’re curious, fun and respectful and love to explore and discover, then we would love to invite you to be included in this pilot project. All you have to do is submit an application.
  • The best thing about memories is making them.

I’m in. Now what?

Please take the time to read the following steps. They're quite important.

1. Apply to be selected

Apply by filling in this form at least one week prior to your trip. Once your application has been reviewed, you will be notified as to whether or not you’re one of the lucky crews being allocated a GoPro by us. Apply here

2. Download these documents

Download our shot list to make sure you capture the key content and read through the contract before you sign. Enjoy 7 days of sailing, swimming and shimmying your way from island to island, then let us do the hard work. Using one of our top of the range TYW editors, we'll slice and splice your GoPro shots into the ultimate highlights reel for you and your crew to use as you please. Shot list Contract

3. Follow the instructions

In order for this project to be a huge success, we need you to follow our rules and regs down to a T. Unfortunately, failure to do so will result in disqualification from the after-movie project. All requirements are outlined in the shot list.

4. Delivery is key

Delivery of footage is key. Please stick to only filming shots highlighted on the shot list and resist the urge to get trigger happy with the cameras. If you do, it may result in your content being disqualified from the project. And we don’t want that.


[faq question="What does it cost" id="13"]Absolutely nothing, but a deposit will have to be paid if you would like to use one of our cameras.[/faq] [faq question="Is there a deposit?" id="14"]You will be responsible for both the GoPro and the accessories in your possession. We will require a deposit of $200 at check-in prior to you collecting the camera. Should the camera go missing or be damaged beyond use, we retain the right to keep your deposit. If you keep the camera safe and sound, simply hand it back in at check in on the Friday of your trip, demonstrate to the staff that the camera is in working order and nothing is missing, then swap it for your deposit.[/faq] [faq question="Copyrights" id="15"]Copyright of content collected on The Yacht Week is generally separated into two groups; moral and economical. Everything captured by you and your crew is morally yours; do what you like with the footage, share and spam to your heart’s content - we won’t stop you! However, The Yacht Week reserve the commercial rights of all footage created while on one of our events.[/faq]
34 days until bookings open!