Go your own way

We're strong supporters of solo travel. And sailing.

Wake when you want, eat what you want, see what you want to see, sail to where you want to be — the choice is entirely yours. Take some you time and snag yourself a solo spot with a yacht full of like-minded travellers.

Exclusive to: Croatia Original and Croatia Ultra Route

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Go solo

Book a solo spot and share a same-sex cabin with another like-minded solo traveller.

Host provided

Your Host will prepare and serve you meals so you can sail stress-free. Included: 2 meals/day and 2 delicious dinners in the week.

Sail Croatia Original

Sail the Original route solo. The home of the floating festival. Where it all began.

Sail Croatia Ultra

Sail the Ultra route solo. Unparalleled. Undeniably epic. Two festivals combined.

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